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The Graskop Gorge Lift Company is your passage into the heart of one of Mpumalanga’s last forested wonderlands. Surrounded by towering cliffs cut back over time by the Motitsi river where its waters plummet 70m into the gorge below, forming a natural barrier to all, except for the most adventurous.

Your journey begins as you drop off the grassy cliff top plateau, in a custom designed 26 passenger viewing elevator, down along the cliff face descending into the cool mountain forest below. An extensive network of elevated walkways, suspension bridges and interactive exhibits will lead you along the forest trails, across the streams, keeping one engaged in this natural and pristine environment.

The Lift Company Lifestyle Centre forms the gateway to the forest below and is made up of a number of small retail outlets, a community craft market, and a restaurant and bar area perched on the cliff edge with spectacular views of the waterfall and forest below. The gorge is centrally located on the Panorama Route and is an ideal stop over point, whether it be for the view, the forest, the food or the various adventure activities, guided tours and hikes in the surrounding areas there is bound to be something for everyone.

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